About Me

21764789_10214949304951143_931661361272562374_nI enjoy life and am passionate about style, wine, dance, travel and dogs. Not in that order of course.

A few years ago, several things happened that were straight out of a book.  Except they happened to me.  At the time, I thought, I really should write a book.  Only I never did.

I enjoy writing but have been afraid to start and share.  Which is strange because I’m pretty confident by nature.  So, I’ve been hemming and hawing, coming up with excuses and putting off writing or starting a blog.

Until now.

I finally realized it doesn’t have to be perfect – you just have to start.  So, here are my thoughts about things I find interesting.  I will try to write from the heart, and some posts will be better than others.  But I promise to keep at it.

Thanks for reading!

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