Why I’m Doing This

When I started this blog at the end of last year, I promised myself I would:

  1. Be consistent – I would post every week
  2. Be honest – I wouldn’t white wash everything and I would write from a personal perspective. I wanted what I created to be real.

As I was trying to figure out what to write about this week, I realized it has been three years since I sold my first business, my “baby”.  I started writing.

I wrote about why I started the business and how much joy it brought me to be able to share my vision and help others.  I was going to tell you about the messages I received from women thanking me for helping them and how they inspired me to stay true to my vision.

I wrote about losing confidence in my abilities and place too much trust in the wrong people.  I shared the events that led up to my decision to sell, and that I later heard that many of these events were being orchestrated behind the scenes by these same people.

I wrote about how I constantly disappointed those closest to me and how we grew apart as I focused on nothing but the business.  I wrote about the anxiety I experienced, the stress-induced physical symptoms that led to an autoimmune disorder and support I had from these same wonderful people as I fought my way back to health.

I wrote that at the time of the sale, I didn’t feel anything but relief, that later the feelings of anger and failure would follow and that I wasn’t sure I would ever get past it at the time (spoiler alert: I did).

And finally, I wrote about being grateful for the experience.  When I was finished, I had 1500 words and no story.  I asked myself: why am I writing this?

I looked back at the reasons for starting my blog.  Nowhere does it say I have to write about certain things on certain days.  It doesn’t say that every post has to be good (phew).  It just says I have to post every week.  And I have to be honest.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to perfect what we’re doing, we forget the reasons we started.  It never hurts to go back and review our “why” (for the record, I think that term’s overused, but I haven’t found a better one yet).  And remember that just because we’re not where we want to be now, doesn’t mean we failed, or that we’ll never reach our goals.  It just means that we need to keep going, and never give up.

So, I’ll keep writing.  And one day, I’ll share that story.


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