Accidental Celebrity Meetings

Today, I met Dayna Steele and Lanny Griffith. And it almost didn’t happen.Social-Media-Breakfast-150x150

For those of you were too young or have been living under a rock for the last few decades (I still can’t believe there is an entire generation that doesn’t get Seinfeld references), you may not remember that before it was a Spanish pop format, 101 KLOL was the rock station in Houston, and Dayna and Lanny were part of that format – Dayna as the voice of the afternoon and Lanny as the traffic guru.  What’s really ironic from a personal standpoint is that I was lamenting the loss of the old format with an Uber driver earlier that week. 

So, back to how I met these two very personable people and how it almost didn’t happen.

  1. I was late to the Social Media Houston breakfast.  First, let me stress this is not a strategy I recommend using intentionally.  I will say that I struggle with time and am constantly working to do better.  I also didn’t plan on the streets around the venue being all torn up to hell, but they were.  In fact, I almost turned around and left when I struggled to find a parking space.  Needless to say, when I arrived, the breakfast was in full swing (another thing I didn’t see coming – most of these events are embarrassingly slow to start).  Not wanting to further disrupt the presentation, I found an empty seat, confirmed that it was indeed empty, and sat down.
  2. I sat down with strangers. Yes, being late helped, but I would do this anyway, mostly because I attend a lot of networking events solo.  While it was nerve-wracking at first, it is a great way to connect with new people you may not meet otherwise.
  3. I said thanks.  During the presentation and Q&A, I had a chance to realize that I was sitting with Dayna and Lanny. (Point:  even though they looked familiar, it helped that Dayna was wearing her name tag – she’s running for Congress, 36th district after all.)  Then, I started to feel like a big interloper.  Of course, too late now, so I went with it.  Once the session ended, I thanked them for letting me crash their table.  We introduced ourselves, and started talking about 101 KLOL, radio, politics, and media.  (Thank you, Stuart Smith, Uber driver extraordinaire for the timely topic.)  They were very personable and gracious, and I enjoyed our chat.

So, other than being late, I was glad I took a chance on a new event, didn’t let my tardiness stop me and introduced myself to some well-known Houstonians.  Sometimes, you have to take a chance.

Now, you might be wondering, why didn’t I get a photo to prove I was there?  Truth be told, I debated that and decided against asking, because that felt more like promoting me than engaging with some new people.  What do you think – do you ask for a photo?  Please share your thoughts below!

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