Assessing Goals

When I started this blog, I was looking for a place to write, find my voice and test my work by placing it where others can read it.  If you have been one of those people, thank you.  I feel incredibly honored that you took the time to read my posts when you could have been doing other things.

I had a goal when I created this space of posting once a week.  At first, it was easy.  There was so much out there to write about, so many topics on which I had an opinion.  I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts.  Then it got more difficult.  I felt the pressure of a self-imposed deadline.  I started to rush to meet my goal, while still struggling to create good content.  I wrote a lot of “half blogs”.  That’s when the struggle – and the stress – began in earnest.

Over the last month, as I have set goals for my book and new business venture, I have come to the realization that I cannot do each of these things, plus post regularly on my blog, without sacrificing something.  And I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of my work, nor do I want to lose the hard-earned balance between my work and personal lives.  So, I may have to adjust my goals a bit.

I will continue to post here while focusing more on the quality of what I share rather than the frequency.  I will also post things that inspire me in some way, as well as announcements on my book and new venture, on my Facebook page, Get InSpiroad.  I invite you to follow me there as well.

I know some people won’t understand.  That’s their opinion – and it’s none of my business.  For those of you who can relate, don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your goals as your life changes.  We have to be able to adjust.  And if that means you need to miss a goal, or readjust a deadline, that’s OK.  Forgive yourself, learn from it and move forward with the lessons.

I’ll be right here rooting for you.

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