Making a Difference

Do you ever what you’re supposed to be doing?  I know I do.   I was having this conversation the other day with my husband.  “Why am I here?”  I asked.  “What have I done with my life?  I’m switching careers (again), we don’t have kids (we have fur kids)…what do I have to show for my life?”

He looked at me, and said, “What if you’re here to make a difference in the life of others?  Maybe you should be measuring the impact you have on others instead.”


“I never thought of it that way” I told him.

“Maybe you should” he answered.

So, for the next few days, I thought about it.  Have I made an impact on the lives of others?  Has something I said or did had a positive impact on someone else?  (Let’s face it, I don’t think anyone wants to be known for making someone’s life worse.)

I thought of the day shortly after I decided to sell my business.  One of my students sent me an email expressing how sorry she was to see it go and letting me know what a difference it had made in her life.  She told me she was more confident; felt she was stronger and was happy to have found the business I started.

A few years later, one of my staff came up to me and thanked me again for opening the studio and giving her an opportunity, first to learn, then to teach.

Fast forward again and one of my friends shared that she found my blog (I hadn’t been promoting it) and told me my words made her think about what she was doing and whether it was time for her to change jobs, maybe even careers.

And just this past weekend, a man came up to me and thanked me for opening the business.  “It was there that I first saw this beautiful woman” he said, gesturing to his partner, the instructor who had thanked me the previous year.  “We wouldn’t have met otherwise” he told me.

I had no idea.

Too often, we focus on what we’re not doing or what we don’t have.  What if instead we focused on what we’ve done well?  We might surprise ourselves.

I know I have.


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