Then Life Happened

Today did not start as planned.

As part of my commitment to me in 2020, I am planning my time.  I had my goals set and planned out my day, leaving some time for the unexpected.  Good thing too, since the unexpected happened early.

The day started out like any other – I picked up my phone, put it in my pocket and took the dogs for a walk.  When I crossed the street, I realized I no longer had my phone.

My first thought was, predictably, NOOOOO!  How am I going to do my job?  I have to find it NOWNOWNOWNOWNOW!  So, I frantically set about finding my phone.

As I retraced my steps, trying to pull one disappointed dog (the other one was only too happy to oblige) toward home, I started rearranging my day in my head.  My thoughts were along the lines of:

Instead of working in the morning, I might have to spend it getting a new phone.
I hope it doesn’t take too long.
How can I make it shorter?
Also, where is my phone so I don’t have to go through this?

As all these thoughts were going through my head, the one thing I realized was that, I was no longer panicked.  I wasn’t beating myself up for losing my phone.  I wasn’t even fretting about the unexpected expense.  I didn’t berate myself for being so careless or assume the worst outcome.  I just searched for my phone and formed a contingency plan.

I didn’t even panic when my search turned up nothing.  Instead, I came back to the house, fed the dogs, logged on to my computer, reset my password, opened the phone locator program, saw that my phone was in a common area of my neighborhood, headed back to the area, searched and finally found my phone.   The best part?  It didn’t take too long and I was able to accomplish my goals.

Sometimes, life doesn’t work out as we planned.  We can either roll with it and move on, or let it ruin our day/week/month/year or more.  And while I’ve chosen both, this year, I’m working to go with Option 1 whenever possible.  Most of all, I won’t let the unexpected be an excuse I use to justify not accomplishing my goals.

What do you think?  What’s your plan the next time you encounter a “speed bump”?

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