The End of an Era

Today marks five years since I sold my first business.  And in four days, it will close forever.

Since hearing the news, I’ve had mixed emotions.  I’m sad that it won’t be there after Sunday.  I took comfort in knowing that a business I created 10 years ago was still in existence.  I feel for those who will shoulder the loss the greatest, those customers and staff who give – and get – so much from the studio.  I feel for the current owner – no matter the circumstances that caused you to arrive at the decision, it’s still tough.  Trust me, I know.

I feel vindicated.  I was able to create this company from nothing and turn it into a successful business.  I ran it the longest of the three owners.  I created something special, something unique.  It was my greatest career challenge, and I succeeded.

Most of all, I am grateful.  I’ve had amazing opportunities along this journey.  I met great people I would not know if I hadn’t taken this risk.  I’ve been able to tell my story to women around the country, sometimes in Spanish.  And I learned so much in the process.

My greatest lessons:

  1. Appreciate everything. There was a point in year one where things were starting to click.  I had a great staff that looked out for one another and me.  I was building a client base.  And I didn’t realize how special that moment was until it passed.
  2. Stay the course. I started with one goal: help women become more confident.  When I strayed from this goal, my business suffered.  Own your vision and fight for it – it’s worth it.
  3. Trust your gut. This was the biggest one for me, in business and life.  We’ve all had that feeling when something is not right.  Heed that warning – it will save you a lot of trauma – and drama – down the road.
  4. Forgive and move on. People will disappoint, even betray your trust.  Get sad, get mad, then forgive.  Don’t expect anything from the other person – just go of them and the situation.  It’s the best gift you can give yourself.
  5. Never give up. Even if one door closes, look for the next one.  Get a job, start a business or a hobby, give to something greater than yourself.  But always keep reaching for the next thing.

RIP Verticality.  It’s truly the end of an era.

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