Smells Bad, Tastes Good?

I’ve struggled to write lately with everything going on in the world.  I try to make sense of it all and use it to write to inspire others.  I’m still working on it so in the meantime, I’ll share a story.

A friend is recuperating from an injury, and I wanted to do something to make her life a little easier.  I settled on lunch so they would have one less meal to cook.

I found a recipe that looked delicious.  Bonus?  The prep time was only 20 minutes.  OK, so I had to cook the bacon, but everything else is quick and easy, right?

Wrong.  So very wrong.

I should have read through the recipe first.  The reason the prep time was so short?  All the ingredients were cooked – the chicken, bacon, broccoli – everything.


Well, I thought, I’m already cooking, so might as well finish what I started.  I will not do down in defeat.  I decide to steam everything in the microwave.  I get the steamer bags, throw the broccoli and chicken in, season everything and start cooking, beginning with the chicken, since it takes the most time.  I finish and start steaming the broccoli.

And that’s where things went awry.  There are things that should come with a warning label before cooking in the microwave.  Like fish.  And broccoli.

Do you know what microwave steamed broccoli smells like?

Farts.  So, now my house smells, which means not only do I have to straighten it up, I now have to try to eliminate the noxious odor.

Did I mention it’s on the market?  Now I’m hoping nobody shows up to see it.

Because I made fart casserole.  And anyone who walks through this house is going to know.

Let’s hope it tastes better than it smells.

Update:  The casserole did taste better than it smelled – it was delicious.  We finally got rid of the odor, too.  It only took half a bottle of Febreeze.

Lesson learned.


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