The Choice is Yours

The COVID-19 quarantine (social distancing, stay-at-home, whatever you want to call it) has brought forth a lot of mean girl (and guy) tendencies.  In the last two weeks, I’ve weighed in on complaints, sometimes hysterical ones, about the lack of social distancing in my neighborhood.  I witnessed more than one ugly rant on social media... Continue Reading →

Shop Local – Now

Earlier this week in Houston: Republic Country Club closed its doors forever.  All its employees, many of them veterans, are now out of work. First Crush Tastings, a food and beverage sampling and promotional company, announced it laid off 70% of its employees (they had already shut down contract work through April – this figure... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus and the Golden Rule

This has been on my heart for since all the craziness started. All around me, I see fear.  Not love.  Not even complete facts.  Fear. Out of fear, cities, counties and states have shut down businesses, many of which are small and will never reopen.  Many of which have had to let go of employees,... Continue Reading →

Are You a Leader?

My husband and I once attended an event to build houses for homeless dogs.  It was the kind of event that you picked the time you could work and what job you wanted to do prior to the event, then showed up and went to work. In theory it sounded great. When we got to... Continue Reading →

Make Mistakes

At one of my first jobs in the energy industry, I was charged with scheduling natural gas on a pipeline.  No problem, I thought.  I’ve scheduled gas before. Famous.  Last.  Words. It took me three hours to do a task that, once I mastered it, would take me 10 minutes.  After I finished, I went... Continue Reading →

The End of an Era

I’ve had amazing opportunities along this journey.  I met great people I would not know if I hadn’t taken this risk.  I've been able to tell my story to women around the country, sometimes in Spanish.  And I learned so much in the process.

She’s a B—-

While I work on another post (there are a lot of thoughts going through my head right now), I thought I would pull up the post that started it all from the archives.  I aslo included the update.  Thanks for reading! “She’s a bitch.” Those were the exact words from someone trying to hire me... Continue Reading →

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