Sometimes, the best traditions start by accident. Every year, my husband and I have use New Years’ Day (or somewhere in that last year/first year blur) to outline our goals for the new year.  What started out as the standard, non-specific “goals” (I want to lose weight, get in shape, find a job and/or start... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Indecision

I recently purchased a suitcase.  Easy decision to make, right? Anything but.  At least for me.  You see, for the last few years, I have struggled to make even the easiest of decisions.  What should I eat for lunch?  Should I go to class tonight?  And forget about the big decisions, like, “now that I’ve... Continue Reading →

Gratitude: Another Take

Yesterday started out with a case of the Mondays. I woke up feeling that something was not quite right.  I was jittery and couldn’t shake this sense of dread.  It lasted through the meeting with my boss, through my first job and into my part-time sales job.  I knew I had to do something –... Continue Reading →

Things We Believe

We believe many things because of our experiences. If we learned them young, we may not question them. And we should because some of these beliefs just don't fit anymore – if they ever did.

What Do You Do?

“So, what do you do?” I used to look forward to this question.  I had enjoyed different, successful careers and was able to give the following answers: “I manage a $350 million energy spend for a Fortune 500 company.” “I sell natural gas and power to utilities and national accounts.” “I have my own business.”... Continue Reading →

The Thrill of the Challenge

Would you rather complete an Ironman triathlon, an ultra-marathon or run with the bulls? This is a question I asked a group of friends last weekend.  We had just watched Shaun complete a 5K, followed by a half-marathon the next morning, a combo appropriately called the I-challenge (we were at the University of Illinois).  As... Continue Reading →

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