Assessing Goals

When I started this blog, I was looking for a place to write, find my voice and test my work by placing it where others can read it.  If you have been one of those people, thank you.  I feel incredibly honored that you took the time to read my posts when you could have... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Stumbles and Keep Dancing Earlier this year, I wrote a post called “Cheeky Shorts”.  The point of this post was to highlight the lesson I learned about negative self-talk and how it impacted others.  At the time, I realized that if I didn’t accept myself and my body, imperfections and all, I was telling my clients to do... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do?

“So, what do you do?” I used to look forward to this question.  I had enjoyed different, successful careers and was able to give the following answers: “I manage a $350 million energy spend for a Fortune 500 company.” “I sell natural gas and power to utilities and national accounts.” “I have my own business.”... Continue Reading →

The Thrill of the Challenge

Would you rather complete an Ironman triathlon, an ultra-marathon or run with the bulls? This is a question I asked a group of friends last weekend.  We had just watched Shaun complete a 5K, followed by a half-marathon the next morning, a combo appropriately called the I-challenge (we were at the University of Illinois).  As... Continue Reading →

Perfect Apologitis

“Never apologize and never explain – it’s a sign of weakness.” – John Wayne This year, I set some goals for myself.  One goal is to master the omelet.  I loved scrambled eggs with lots of veggies and cheese, and I figured I could work on my presentation. My first attempt was – let’s call... Continue Reading →

(Mis) Adventures in Sewing

While researching a project last year, I bought a sewing machine.  I justified the investment by telling myself I could do my own repairs, maybe even alterations.  I had it all figured out. Fast forward - six months later, the project is a no-go and the sewing machine now collects dust in the corner.  I... Continue Reading →

Strength to Bear

Have you ever fielded this question? Interviewer: “OK, this is a question I like to ask in all my interviews.  I hate traditional, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’ questions, because the answers seemed canned.  So, here’s my answer to that. “Everyone has a trait that can be both their greatest strength and also their... Continue Reading →

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