Perfect Apologitis

“Never apologize and never explain – it’s a sign of weakness.” – John Wayne This year, I set some goals for myself.  One goal is to master the omelet.  I loved scrambled eggs with lots of veggies and cheese, and I figured I could work on my presentation. My first attempt was – let’s call... Continue Reading →

(Mis) Adventures in Sewing

While researching a project last year, I bought a sewing machine.  I justified the investment by telling myself I could do my own repairs, maybe even alterations.  I had it all figured out. Fast forward - six months later, the project is a no-go and the sewing machine now collects dust in the corner.  I... Continue Reading →

Strength to Bear

Have you ever fielded this question? Interviewer: “OK, this is a question I like to ask in all my interviews.  I hate traditional, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’ questions, because the answers seemed canned.  So, here’s my answer to that. “Everyone has a trait that can be both their greatest strength and also their... Continue Reading →

Cheeky Shorts

Ten years ago, I dreamed of starting a business with that helped women become the best versions of themselves.  I wanted women to feel more confident, empowered and strong.  Most of all, I wanted women to feel sexy and unafraid.  A few years later, I realized my dream:  I started a pole dancing school. One... Continue Reading →

She’s a B—-

“She’s a bitch.” Those were the exact words from someone trying to hire me (or more accurately, trying to pressure me into taking a job).  We were discussing how not everyone on the hiring committee had been on board with hiring me (again, did I mention this was before I took the job?) and he... Continue Reading →

Saying Thank You

It’s Thanksgiving eve.  This is not a post about what I am grateful for this holiday. Don’t get me wrong; I am thankful for many things – good health, loving family, great friends, happy dogs, a nice roof over my head…the list goes on.  This just isn’t that type of post. It’s about saying thank... Continue Reading →

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